By Wayne Jacks

The stoma stent addresses the problem of “stoma stenosis”, a result of the body trying to heal itself from an unnatural opening. This results in the stoma becoming so small that it interferes with intubation and can be painful. Some people experience this but most do not. The stent is inserted into the stoma opening and worn 24/7 or until the stoma tends to maintain the desired opening size. Just insert the stent, cover with gauze and tape over to hold the stent in place. There are two stent sizes, 3/8″ and 7/16″ diameter. The suggestion is to use the larger one if it is comfortable. If not, use the smaller one while exchanging it with the larger one for brief periods until it becomes more comfortable. If the stoma is new, the large stent is likely to be comfortable.

The stent is made from clear silicone and is fully cured, easily cleaned with soap and warm water. To recover costs the stents sell for $10 each, which includes postage and handling. Profits realized are donated to the Quality Life Association.

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