How To Empty The Internal Pouch

Written by Vaughan West
Mr. West Passed away in 2009

This person has an internal pouch which stores intestinal waste. It must be emptied at regular intervals daily, using a 30 French or a 28 French catheter, but do NOT inflate the balloon if using a Foley-type catheter.  If this person is conscious and able, they normally would sit on the toilet, insert the rounded end of the catheter into the stoma and point the open end into the toilet.

If this person is unconscious or unable to do this process themselves this must be done by someone else.  The pouch can be catheterized with the patient lying on their back (supine), or on their side.  Lubricate the catheter with water soluble gel and insert the rounded end into the stoma by gently and slowly rotating it until the flow begins.  If during insertion there is resistance, do not force the tube but try changing the angle slightly.  Patience must be employed at this point or you could injure the patient.  When inserting the catheter be sure the open end can drain directly into a basin.

To help drain the pouch especially if the output is thick, flush the catheter with 20cc-50cc of water using a catheter-tip syringe, and repeat as needed.

Call Dr. Rehnke at 727-344-0640 (FL) or
Dr. Schiller at 310-204-4565 (CA) for advice.