Since we started the BCIR Continent Ostomy Program in 1989/90, this will be our 4th location.  We began at Century City Hospital until they closed, then went to Brotman Medical Center (now called Southern California Hospital at Culver City). When the administration there canceled many insurance contracts, we relocated to Olympia Medical Center.  Now Olympia will close, whether at the end of March or the end of June, depending on the pandemic and the response of local government and the health department who could force a delay of some months.  We are already well into discussions to return to Southern California Hospital at Culver City (no longer called Brotman Medical Center), where some of the same nurses who cared for BCIR patients still work.  Also, I expect some of our Olympia nurses to work at Culver City as well when Olympia closes.  Even in a time of transition, both I and Dr. Benyamini are always available to take care of any BCIR or Kock Pouch patients who are having difficulties.  We are continuing to operate on BCIR patients through early March at Olympia, and there will be no gap in our ability to provide needed care.
Dr. Schiller